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Bliss for Women

Bliss for Women was a special kind of project that we not only connected with, but completely supported. Jodie Dunne, Co-Founder of Endometriosis Australia and a renowned Brisbane-based Sexologist had purchased ‘Bliss for Women’, an online business selling sex toys for women. Our mission was to do a full renovation of Bliss from the inside out, transforming it’s 1990’s branding and product offering into a modern day platform for women without the pornographic stereotype of what a sex toy business is considered to be.


The brief for the logo was restrictive given the industry of the business and the fact that many customers may prefer to keep their shopping habits discreet. At the same time, we wanted to create a logo that would not isolate a male, transgender or non-binary customer base. In addition to this, we needed the logo to be clean and simple (a core value of Jodie’s for the business). We studied art books, science of the human form, the Ancient Goddesses across many old religions, and the symbology of the female reproductive system. The finishing product was a modern simple design symbolic of the female form and its male counterpart. You can read more detail into our logo design process here.


We continued along our theme of clean and simple, choosing a sans-serif typography pack with a specific font to pair with the Logo when using the company name alongside. The remaining fonts were for the header and body text of the website. For the colour palette, we chose to keep our main colours in a neutral white and charcoal tone but use our secondary colours to explore the fun and exciting vibe of the Bliss brand. Jacaranda, Sky blue, Jade, Buttercup and Rose shades feature in the Bliss palette, giving us freedom to have a little fun with our imagery and marketing collateral.


In the fasted brand development project we have ever launched (partly due to Jodie’s incredible dedication to her new business), we crafted a fully dynamic ecommerce website complete with a blog, online appointment booking system, newsletter system, and more. It was the product of a positive and upbeat collaboration with the Client, the knowing that we were both very excited to launch this new exciting business that will help so many women in so many ways. We continue to work with Jodie in developing her future roadmap and goals for the business, with some new and exciting website features to come in 2019.

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