5 quick tips to revive your Instagram


Let’s not bullshit. Social Media sucks. It’s time consuming, relentless and leaves you with an overwhelming sense of guilt that your online business popularity means that you need to be glued to your phone for hours on end. (Don’t pretend you’re not ashamed of your weekly phone usage stats.)

Those are but to name a few of the reasons why most businesses feel burnt out with their social media efforts. So what’s the good news? The good news is that I’m about to give you a PLETHORA of tips and tricks to aid you in your online quest for world dominance (well, sort of)…

Let’s jump in:


Do you feel that your business isn’t really getting the interaction from customers that you’d hoped? Consider looking at the images you are posting and think about what your customers might want to see. Instagram is a fully visual-based platform and the reality is you really cannot afford to post bad photos. Your IG account needs to reflect the professional tone of your business and so it needs to be cohesive and well done so that it represents and supports the brand of your business. Unfortunately this means you need to be a little cut throat with your image choice. Also, can we just get this clear from the start - the days of filtering your images within an inch of themselves are OVER. It just looks tacky. Stop it.


A lot of my clients have admitted in the past they were scrambling every day to find content for their Social Media platform. Then when they finally did find an image, they couldn’t think up a decent caption. The result of this is that you end up with a profile full of shitty captions that have the personality of a cardboard box. And guess what - that’s how people perceive your brand!

Take a day. Start small. Plan out your images for the next two weeks of your feed and write out your captions. I guarantee you’ll put more effort into them and they will sound great. Why? Because you have time to think about what message you’re putting out there on behalf of your business for your customers.


80/20, 70/30, whatever. This is the Brand-to-Sale ratio for your feed. People have moved past the days of wanting sell sell sell shoved in their faces and, in fact, it can be really off-putting and turn people away from your business. Instead, consider using 80% of your feed to share your brand story, communicate your brand values and maybe even share content that your business aspires to. The point of this is that you are showing your customers that you are a dynamic brand with many layers; thus making an emotional connection to your customers. Confident brands don’t feel the need to be in your face all day, they already know that their customers trust them and what they do. Be that brand.


If Instagram is the glossy magazine of your brand, then IG Stories is the human connection. If you don’t already know, IG stories are quick video-based clips that only stay on your profile for 24 hours (unless you make them a highlight which we’ll get into in a future post). Here’s where you can get silly, show the day-today life of your business, or maybe even promote an event. The point of this is to show that there are real people behind a brand which we all crave nowadays. Also - studies are showing that IG Stories get 3 times more interaction than regular posts, so what’s to lose?


This doesn’t just mean ‘liking’ the comments they post. It means spending the time to respond to them, engage in conversations and also comment on other profiles. Instagram is full of fake profiles buying fake followers and fake likes. To stand out, it’s absolutely imperative that you become a team player and interact with other accounts to show that you are the real deal. It can take some time but I promise you’ll grow an authentic following this way.


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